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MCM VPL is the most convenient option to geographically distribute your servers or your own team, using a private, secure and high performance dedicated link.


Create a private link to your offices, inplants or partners to share critical business information with them.

Ethernet Plug & Play

Keep your remote users closer, connect them like they are in the same office. We pass-through all your VLANs.

No more NSA

Your information doesn't reach the Internet, from point A to B your info is transmitted over our private ethernet carrier-class infrastructure.


We simplify our service. Work without excuses, set up and take control of your own network, we help you to adapt VPL to your own needs.

Keep control.

Extend your LAN with different options, without losing performance or security.

Performance + Profitability

VPL is the most convenient solution to have a private dedicated link.

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