Data Loss can paralyze your business. Avoid this situation.

MCM Data Protect is a complete solution to easily backup the most important data in your business, with the highest security, performance and efficiency.

A flexible and complete solution.

Infrastructure, license, maintenance, security and 24h support. All included.

Better performance and security than Cloud.

We connect your office directly to our high performance network, so your data never reaches Internet, making it more secure.

Easy to use

Easily automate daily, monthly or annual backups with the admin panel.

Your company, ready for everything.

Quickly backup what you need: whole servers, data bases, folders, financial files, multimedia files, Big Data, specific hard drives or business devices like laptops and smartphones.

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Backup your company

Data loss means money, time and productivity loss. Backing up your data can be your best business decision.

Tell us, how do you backup your vital information?

Start protecting your business.

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