Now you can become a MCM Telecom customer and keep your phone numbers.

What is portability ?

Numeric portability refers to the possibility of keeping your phone numbers, no matter what provider gives you the service.

Number portability it’s your right as a user

Any user that has a phone line with any telecom provider has the right to ask for number portability. Before this you weren’t able to change to a better telecom provider and keep your same phone numbers.

This restriction made the transition process difficult, because your customers and providers already knew your phone numbers, they were already printed in your advertising and business cards.

This is now different.

You can now become a MCM Telecom’s customer and keep using your actual phone numbers.

Be free!


  • With us, you keep just one bill for all your services.
  • Inbound and outbound traffic with only one provider.
  • It's easier to make a decision if you want to stay with just one provider.
  • There are no limits of the numbers you can transfer.