Other's super complex networks

Many companies mix their services between households, small businesses and enterprises, resulting in a very complex network to manage. A service outage on their network can turn into a loss for your company.

Our network: simple, powerful.

Our network is designed with a ring topology, which means there’s always an active route to your office, and another one for backup. The immediate switch between routes makes it reliable against any incident. All our services benefit from this redundancy.

State of the art.

We are a company strongly focused on engineering, so we like to do things right from the start. That's why our network is constantly improved with the most powerful infrastructure. We optimize our network resources to offer the best quality of voice and data services.

A network like no other

For years we have focused on setting up the best enterprise telecom network in Mexico, designed with the highest global standards. This allows us to offer the best and most reliable telecom services in the country. We improve and constantly expand our network's capacity, in an optimized and organized way. You simply won't find a better network than ours.

Telecom services with redundancy, with no extra charges

MCM Telecom’s metropolitan networks are designed in multiple, redundant rings of Gigabit Ethernet technology, which means: high transmission speeds, security, redundancy, reliability, and ease of growth. Other providers charge you more to guarantee these features. We simply asumme that these kinds of quality features should be basic to any good telecom provider.

It’s that simple, one of the best telecom networks in the world.

Rapid installations

The installation process with other providers can be a real pain.

We install the optic-fiber cable into your office and simplify the whole process so your company can enjoy the best telecom services as soon as possible.

That how we are: we simplify the complex.