Expand your business into Mexico

MCM helps you to extend your services or special projects into Mexico, (especially those that require high-end infrastructure and high performance) thanks to our experience delivering Carrier-Class Services.

All our services work over our own fiber-optic network, which is one of the most advanced networks in Mexico: redundant, scalable and flexible. We are also connected to the backbone with Tier-1 providers in the US.

MCM is owner of all the elements in the network, including the fiber rings and Last-Mile access. We are 100% responsible for the service end-to-end. You do not have to deal with a third carrier when buying L2/L3 services from MCM.

Carrier-Class Services

  • IP Telephony
  • Internet
  • Traffic termination
  • Layer 2 and layer 3 transport (Metro and Inter-city)

We strive to be different.

  • Extreme customer service
  • Permanent innovation

+15 years being the preferred option for many international carriers.

More about MCM

Backbone and Last-Mile Services

  • High-capacity circuits: 10 Gbps, 100 Gbps, redundant.
  • Last-Miles Ethernet from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

Data Center Services

  • Co-Location Carrier-Class.
  • Interconnection Services with Data Center Community.

Voice Services

  • SIP trunks, any capacity.
  • White-label hosted IP-PBX .
  • DID Wholesale.

High-end infrastructure

  • Gold-Plated fiber installations.
  • Underground fiber, non "mini-trench".
  • Aerial fiber on licensed poles, covered by protected tubes.

Why we are different

  • We are the only mexican carrier with ISO 9001:2008 certification in all its business processes: from planning to service.
  • Carrier neutral: No political or power-related agendas.
  • Engineering and operations focused.
  • Extremely experienced NOC.

Voice Services

MCM’s SIP Trunking Service provides the ability to aggregate inbound and outbound voice traffic over the TIER1 MPLS network providing SIP trunks to carry local and long distance traffic.

SIP Trunking service is designed to meet the needs of the distributed business enterprise, allowing a customer’s multiple office locations to connect over the same SIP trunk, providing high availability and geographic redundancy.

  • MCM Telecom's DIDs work from fixed, mobile, and payphone numbers with additional accessible from anywhere in the world.

  • Toll-free numbers and wholesale termination.

Last-mile technical details

    • Technology Q in Q (vLAN over vLAN) 8021ad
    • Transparency: L2PT, LACP, OAM (802.1AG, Y1731)
  • Transparency to L2/L3 Protocols
    • Transparency to IPv4/IPv6 protocol
    • MAX MTU Size : 9216
  • High grade CIR=100% Ethernet bandwidth is guaranteed

Do you want to know more?

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