Bring power to your building.

With the best telecom services in Mexico.

A Blue Certified Building is a building connected to MCM Telecom's optic-fiber network, one of the most advanced and reliable in Mexico, exclusively available for businesses. The MCM Telecom's network is designed to offer high-performance services, with redundancy and security.

Would you like to connect your building to the best optic-fiber network in Mexico? 

When you connect your building to our network, you allow your tenants to access to high-performance telecom services, like Dedicated Internet, Unified Communications, VoIP, dedicated links and Cloud services.

An important number of the most advanced business buildings in Mexico is already connected to our network. The demand for this kind of high-performance services is increasing each year, because the most important companies require reliable bandwidth to operate without problems.

If you have a Class A building, it’s very important that your building is connected to a high-performance telecom network.

With our Blue Building Certifiaction, you add value to your building. 

Main benefits for your building

  • We install 2 optic-fiber routes to your building.
  • You allow your tenants to easily access to a communications platform.
  • You will receive special promotional offers for your building administration, so your team can use cutting-edge telecom services. 
  • All our installations are carefully planned, designed and implemented under your supervision. 
  • We have agreements with international carriers to provide a secure link to offices in other countries. 
  • You can guarantee quick installations of telecom services to your tenants.

Would you like to learn more?

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